Friday Funnies


The Funnies are back - and so am I !!. After a nice vacation I'm rested (well ... not really) and ready to bring you a nice chuckle every Friday. Hope you enjoy! Take care and have an awesome weekend!

This guy was going for his first solo parachute jump. He bravely jumped out pulled his rip cord and nothing happened. He kept pulling it to no avail. He looked down at the rapidly approaching Earth and saw this guy coming up from the Earth toward him.
He yelled, as the guy passed him, "Do you know anything about parachutes?"
The guy shouted back, "No, do you know anything about gas stoves?"

President Clinton walks down off of Air Force-One with a pig under each arm. As he gets to the bottom step a Marine snaps to attention and says, "Fine pigs, sir" Clinton replies, "They are not pigs, they are Arkansas Razorbacks, I got them for Hilary and Chelsey" The marine replies, "Fine trade sir, fine trade..."

Week 25

Compliments of: The H-man

Have a great weekend. See you at Happy Hour.