Up the River, Down the River

Place 2 rows of 10 cards face down on the table.
1 row is up the river and the other is down the river.
Now deal out 4 cards to each player (if there is not enough cards, deal 3).
Start by flipping the first card in the "up the river" row.
If you have this card in your hand, take 1 sip. Now flip the second card, and if this is in your hand take 2 sips (if you don't have the card in your hand you do nothing until the next card is flipped).
Keep following this pattern up to the 10th card with 10 sips (you can also play with 2 rows of 5 if you are a wimp).
If it so happens that you end up with a pair in your hand, take double the number of sips for the assigned card,(i.e. you have a pair matching the 6th card flipped, take 12 sips).
Once you are done going up the river, proceed down the river starting at 10 sips, BUT instead of taking sips, you get to give sips to anyone you choose.
You can gang up on people, or split the sips up, and all the rules apply as up the river,(pair=do! uble,3 'O a kind = triple). Have fun puking!

Sent in by: Andrew Kulyk, Winnipeg, MB