Level 1: Just A Buzz Take one drink every time...

Mulder makes a bad joke or pun.
The time, date, or location appears at the bottom of the screen.
Mulder appears unshaven and grubby.
Scully or Mulder go into a dark dangerous place without waiting for the other.
Scully expresses an entire idea just by saying "Mulder?"
Scully brushes her hair out of her eyes.
Mulder puts the X in the window.
Mulder or Scully raise their voices.
Mulder or Scully listen to their answering machines.
The current X file is related to a 50 year old X file that only Mulder knows still exists.

Level 2: Good Thing I'm Not Driving Take two drinks every time...

Mulder or Scully call each other via Cell Phone.
Mulder or Scully bust out the lightsabre flash lights.
Cancer Man smokes a cigarette.
Mr. X talks to Mulder.
An X file leads Mulder and Scully to an alien, monster, mutant, ghost, or person with supernatural powers.
Scully or Mulder flash their badges.
Somebody dies.
Mulder or Scully come into contact with a previously unknown virus, parasite, or odd life-form that almost kills them.
Mulder or Scully draw their guns.
Mulder and Scully have different theories on a case.

Level 3: Wow Look At The Colors Drink a Full Beer or Shot Every Time...

Cancer Man stubs out a Cigarette.
Krycheck kills somebody.
Skinner and Mulder argue with each other.
Scully or Mulder get Kidnapped/abducted.
Mulder runs his fingers through his hair, or appears in a speedo.
A metal object is found in a suspected alien abductee.
A computer does something computers can't do.
We see any of the conspiracy gang. (Mulder's 3 pals...The Lone Gunmen, that is)
We see an alien or UFO
Mulder beats somebody up.
We see the adduction of Mulder's sister.

Sent in by: Mandy Haslam